Illegal drugs and Social Responsibility

A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier. 

If a person is addicted to illegal drugs and ignoring one's own health then how can he/she think about the well-being of family, nation and the world as a whole?

Evolution experts say, "Humans evolved from monkeys". But one thing is for sure...If at all there would be further evolution in humans it should happen only out of our consciousness !!!

But these drugs cut right through this very consciousness and play havoc. Serious issue, isn't it?

And to market these mean drugs nefarious strategies are being used. Email is one such marketing method nowadays. Just see the funny subject lines in these following mindless spam emails...

Illegal Drug1

And see the contents of these emails...

Illegal Drug2

Illegal Drug3

Illegal Drug4

Illegal Drug5

All these emails are unsolicited and they misguide the innocent people. Nothing will grow bigger as these emails promise except the seller's purse!

Across the globe 26th June is observed as international anti-Drug day. Why don't we make everyday an anti-Drug day ?

Drug free living should be the key !

Let's have high levels of self-esteem, assertiveness and social responsibilities in our lives. Otherwise our future generation would be full of weeds rather than crops.

Don't huff and puff, better stay away from that stuff ! :-)

Even if addicted - no worries, better late than never. There are lot of good de-addiction centres, drug rehabs and counselling available nowadays.

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