Soft Drinks Side Effects

The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend. 

Most of these 'soft drinks' or 'cool drinks' contain refined sugar(white sugar), artificial sweeteners like saccharin, carbon dioxide, acids like citric / phosphoric / tartaric, sodium and preservatives.

None of these ingredients have any nutritional value. Rather they are harmful to the system.

The list below is just a sample of soft drinks side effects:

  • Refined sugar in the soft drinks, not only drains the body of essential vitamins and minerals but also alters the blood sugar levels. Refined sugar is also called as vitamin-thief.
  • Refined sugar is associated with obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and coronary heart diseases.
  • Saccharin is an artificial sweetener which is much sweeter than sugar. Excessive use of it causes bladder cancer and it's banned in many countries.
  • We exhale carbon dioxide as a waste. Then why should we take it in by drinking soft drinks?
  • Acids are used to clean corroded metals in general. What are we trying to clean inside our body by consuming these citric, phosphoric, tartaric acids?
  • Excessive sodium affects arteries, resulting in heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and several diseases.
  • Preservatives used in the soft drinks are nothing but chemicals like sulphur dioxide and benzoic acid which are the cause for a number of diseases.

Really soft?

And these firms that manufacture these products, fool the common public by leveraging celebrities for endorsements.

Since most of the celebrities are more interested in money than in actual fact, they endorse anything blindly.

Celebrities beware ! You are the role models for the common mass. So you may make money easily by prescribing any product. But at the same time you accumulate the bad karma of misguiding millions / billions of innocent people. Money can't wipe off those bad imprints.

These products don't have any nutritional value but they are harmful.

Rather these firms can produce plenty of fresh fruits and juices which would definitely nourish the consumer's health.

Few words to the consumers...

Caffeinated and carbonated products are used for refreshing feeling or mental alertness in general. Why do we need to pump toxins for this simple issue? Instead we can try a cold water splash on face or a short walk or some deep breathing techniques. As simple as that !

If one is used to these products very much then abrupt withdrawal is not recommended due to the withdrawal symptoms. Instead, gradual reduction of intake is the best practice to break the addiction.

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